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The Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme

Joining a KiwiSaver Scheme can be a very smart move. Being in the right fund? Genius!

At SBS Wealth, helping you choose the fund that’s right for you is at the heart of how we help grow your retirement savings. Your personal balance of risk and return will change during different stages of your life. To learn more about that and the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme in general, take a look at our KiwiSaver articles. Then for KiwiSaver advice at no obligation, make a time to chat to an SBS Wealth adviser.

At SBS Wealth, hands-on, active management is at the heart of how we care for your KiwiSaver Scheme account to help you achieve the future you want.

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Choosing a fund is the most important decision you’ll make

Helping you make that choice is at the heart of how we care for our members. For advice about your fund choices, contact an adviser today (it’s all part of the service!)

High Growth Fund

This investment option aims to grow your money over the long term, with the risk of more ups and downs along the way. We invest your money mainly in a broad spread of New Zealand and international growth assets (including shares), with a small amount held in cash.

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Income Fund

This fund aims to give you a low-risk investment option with fewer short term rises and falls, but probably less growth over time than the High Growth Fund. The Income Fund invests mostly in income-producing assets, mostly cash and fixed-interest investments. The fund may also hold shares that usually pay high dividends and/or listed property and infrastructure investments. 

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Lifestages Auto Option

Our Lifestages Auto Option invests in combinations of our other two funds in proportions that change as you get older. Our Lifestages Auto Option has five life stages, starting with mostly High Growth Fund investments and moving to mostly Income Fund investments according to your life stage.

Lifestages Auto 0-49
Lifestages Auto 50-54
Lifestages Auto 55-59
Lifestages Auto 60-64
Lifestages Auto 65+

Performance Overview

Click on the Fund name to view more information including the benchmark asset allocation and latest unit price.

Important Information: Fund performance figures have been annualised where the performance period is more than one year. Performance is after fees, and before tax and membership fees (if applicable).

The returns are not the returns individual KiwiSaver Members would have received as this will depend on the prices at which units are purchased on the date that contributions were received for each KiwiSaver member.

Please note that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Returns can be positive or negative, and returns over different time periods may vary. No returns are promised or guaranteed.

We can change the age ranges and the Fund exposures for the Lifestages Auto options at any time. The latest change was on 1 December 2022. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Disclaimer: While all care has been taken in the display of these fund performance figures, neither Funds Administration New Zealand Limited nor any other person accepts responsibility for any errors.

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