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Return for 1 year to 31 May 24*

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Return p.a. for 7 years to 31 May 24*

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* Lifestages KiwiSaver High Growth Fund


Important Information: These figures only relate to KiwiSaver and do not take into account any other retirement savings or income you may have or be entitled to. This calculator is intended as a guide only and assumptions have been made. You can access the full calculator with links to the assumptions here. The assumptions are set by the Government and are important because they affect the result of the calculation. Find out more on the Financial Markets Authority website at: www.fma.govt.nz/ investors/resources/kiwisaver-projections/. Returns are not the returns individual KiwiSaver members would have received as this will depend on the prices at which units are purchased on the date that contributions were received for each KiwiSaver member. Please note that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Returns can be positive or negative, and returns over different time periods may vary. No returns are promised or guaranteed. Normally you can withdraw your KiwiSaver retirement savings when you reach New Zealand Superannuation age (currently 65 years).

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