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Introducing SBS Wealth

An important update for our members

You probably know that our Lifestages investment and KiwiSaver offering has always been connected to SBS Bank.

So to make that clear, we're changing our name to SBS Wealth.

While the new name brings us closer to the values and identity of SBS Bank, you'll receive exactly the same service and performance from the team you've come to trust under the Lifestages name.

SBSW Family

No changes to our product lineup

While our website will soon carry the SBS Wealth branding, and over time we’ll be updating our product names too, we’re proud to continue offering the same trusted ‘Lifestages’ products under the hood. These include the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme, Lifestages Investment Funds, and Lifestages Portfolio Service, which remain central to our mission of providing tailored financial solutions.

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What else isn’t changing

While our name and our website will look different, the essence of our services, rooted in the ‘Lifestages’ philosophy, remains unchanged. Our core values, dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals, and the quality of our products and services remain unchanged.

Tell us what you think!

Your thoughts and opinions are invaluable to us during this transition. Please share your thoughts and questions with us as at for any inquiries or feedback.

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Looking ahead

As SBS Wealth, we look forward to building on the legacy of the Lifestages products, offering you an even better experience with the same commitment to personalised financial advice.

We really appreciate your continued trust and support as we make this change. We look forward to our continued partnership under the SBS Wealth banner.

Warm regards,
The SBS Wealth Team

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