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Investment funds are the smart way to save for your goals

Want to save for your child's education? Or a dream holiday? What about those home renovation projects? Or perhaps you're saving for something else.

Investment funds are a great way of saving for these long term goals. And can often offer a better result than your savings account. But what are investment funds? They're a type of investment where your money is pooled together with other investors, giving you access to a wider range of investments than would be possible for most individual investors. This pool is managed by professionals (us!) and is invested into a range of different assets according to the Fund's or Strategy's investment objective.

What's your goal?

Funding your child's education?


Planning a dream holiday?

Renovating your home?

Something else?

What are my options?

We offer a suite of four separate investment schemes, known as "Portfolios". They invest in World Equities, Australasian Equities, Worlds Bonds, and New Zealand Bonds. These Portfolios can be invested into directly or we recommend through our investment Strategies.

Each Strategy aims to align our investors risk tolerances and investment timeframes to make sure they can reach their long-term goals effectively.

Each Strategy is an investment in a combination of our Portfolios. The proportions invested in each Portfolio will reflect a pre-determined strategic asset allocation according to the risk profile of that Strategy. A more conservative investment Strategy will invest more in a combination of fixed interested investments which aim to provide stable returns compared to our growth Strategies which invest more in stocks which tend to be more volatile but provide relatively high returns over time.

Before making a decision, it can be worthwhile to chat with one of our friendly advisers. Book a session with them here.

For more information on each underlying Portfolio, click on them in our performance table below.


The Strategy aims to achieve low to medium capital growth and income returns over the medium term, with low to medium ups and downs in value.


The Strategy aims to achieve medium capital growth and income returns over the medium to long term, with medium ups and downs in value.


The Strategy aims to achieve high capital growth and income returns over the long term, with high ups and downs in value.

High Growth

The Strategy aims to achieve higher capital growth and income returns over the long term, with higher ups and downs in value.

Why choose SBS Wealth as your investment partner

Grown with care.

It’s what we’re here for. To care for your investment and deliver the returns you’re looking for.

Personal advice

High performers of all kinds usually have great advisers. Could we be yours? Online or in person, our advice is yours, at no additional cost.

Investment expertise

Your investment will be looked after our team of experts with over 35 years of experience.

Find balance.

We’re not talking yoga, but we’re not just talking about money. Finding your personal balance of risk and return is step one in successful investing.

A wealth of knowledge

If you can afford to be a saver, you owe it to yourself to consider being an investor. An investment through SBS Wealth can deliver better long-term returns than just saving money in a bank account or term deposit. You can choose an investment option that balances your need for risk and return now and in the future. Best of all, you don’t have to do it alone. Take a look at our investing articles or book a time to talk to an SBS Wealth adviser – at no additional cost.

Browse our articles to level up your investing know-how. Check back as we add more each month.

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Our Funds

We are the manager of a selection of investment funds known as the Lifestages Investment Funds. Our funds are what underpin our strategies. Each portfolio invests in different types of investments. There are four portfolios:

Lifestages World Equity Portfolio

Lifestages Australian Equity Portfolio


Lifestages World Bond Portfolio

Lifestages New Zealand Bond Portfolio

Fund Performance Overview

Click on the Fund name to view more information including the benchmark asset allocation and latest unit price.

Funds Administration New Zealand Limited is the manager of a selection of investment funds known as the Lifestages Investment Funds. Each portfolio invests in different types of investments.

Important Information: Fund performance figures have been annualised where the performance period is more than one year. Performance is after fees, and before tax.

The returns are not the returns individual investors would have received as this will depend on the prices at which units are purchased on the date that contributions were received for each investor.

Please note that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Returns can be positive or negative, and returns over different time periods may vary. No returns are promised or guaranteed.

Disclaimer: While all care has been taken in the display of these fund performance figures, neither Funds Administration New Zealand Limited nor any other person accepts responsibility for any errors.

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