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Making a Serious Illness Withdrawal

31 July 2023

While your KiwiSaver savings are primarily meant for your retirement, they can also provide a safety net for you in the event that you are totally and permanently unable to…

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Making a Financial Hardship Withdrawal

20 June 2023

The purpose of your KiwiSaver savings is for your retirement however, a significant financial hardship withdrawal can help during times of financial difficulty.   You will have to meet strict criteria…

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Government Contributions; making the most of KiwiSaver

19 May 2023

Government Contributions; making the most of KiwiSaver

Each year, the New Zealand Government contributes up to $521.43 to your KiwiSaver account, if you meet specific criteria. The Government contribution, also formerly…

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Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme: Six-monthly Commentary (31 March 2023)

12 April 2023

What's new at Lifestages?

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The Ups and Downs of KiwiSaver

30 January 2023

A KiwiSaver account is a great way to help you save for retirement or your first home. But unlike a regular savings account (like what you might have with your…

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Q&A: Lifestages Auto Option Changes

15 November 2022

What's Changing?

The age bands in our Lifestages Auto Option will be changing, effective on or about 1 December 2022. This means that the underlying mix of growth and income assets…

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How Can I Use My KiwiSaver To Buy My First Home?

14 October 2022

Buying your first home is a massive milestone and one that KiwiSaver is specifically designed to help you achieve. If you are planning on using your KiwiSaver to help you…

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When Can I Withdraw From My KiwiSaver Account?

23 September 2022

Your KiwiSaver AccountIt’s important to remember the purpose of our KiwiSaver accounts.  They’re a way to help us save money, usually for retirement. 

Each pay day, a bit of money goes…

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Intro To Investing; Things To Keep In Focus On Your Investment Journey

26 August 2022

Know Exactly What It Is You Are Investing For. Having a clear understanding of what your investments are intended to help you achieve is a vital, if often overlooked, part of…

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Intro To Investing; What Type of Investor Are You?

12 August 2022

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Intro To Investing; What Is Investing?

22 July 2022

The world of investing is a big one.  And for many of us it goes into the “too hard” basket.  It also doesn’t help that the field is filled with…

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Mindful Money Awards

1 July 2022

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